From Vallon Pont d'Arc to Chames

Distance : 7 Km

Time to paddle : about one and a half hours.

Recommended time : 3h00.

Meeting point : Vallon Pont d’Arc.

Departure time : from 8am until 4pm.  

Difficulties : 5 rapids (including the Charlemagne, class III).

Start : Vallon Pont d’Arc.

Arrival :Chames (the last possible stop before the Natural Reserve « Gorges de l’Ardèche).

Un enfant dans le bateau des parents lors de la descente en canoë kayak à partir de Vallon Pont d'arc
A nice trip for all the family

To discover a pleasure of kayking

If you have little time or if you want to discover kayking, this is the descent to do. This descent takes about one and a half hours, but you can keep the boat much longer to enjoy the river and to take your time to picnic near the Pont d’Arc (just specify it at the time of departure). Five rapids, including the famous Charlemagne rapid, and the final passage under the Pont d’Arc makes this descent the most popular one. 

Juste avant le passage sous le Pont d'Arc le rapide du Charlemagne
Arriving to the Pont d'Arc
Plan de la descente de Vallon Pont d'Arc à Chames.

Discription :

This beautiful descent offers an experience of overcoming the five rapids of increasing difficulty, including the famous « Charlemagne » which is just before the passage under the Pont d’Arc (the highlight of this course).

This descent is suitable for beginners and families with young children (you can take your time and many stops are possible). The cliffs bordering the river give you a taste of the Gorges de l’Ardèche. All along you can stop on beaches to swim and to enjoy the sun.

Our opinion:

This short trip is perfect for families. It is essential to do because of son passage through the Pont d’Arc. 

Don’t forget:

Take shoes that are good for you feet and protect them, such as sneakers or water shoes (no flip-flops).

Wear an adequate and adapted to the weather clothers: cap, windbreaker, T-short, long shorts that effectiverly protects the thighs from sunburn.

Provide sufficient quantity of drinking water.

Impératifs réglementaires :

Each participant must know how to swim; each participant must wear a lifejackets at all times.

Children ( under 18 y.o.) can not participate alone, they must be accompanied by an responsible adult. 

Prohibition of rental with childen under 7 y.o. Interdiction de la location avec des enfants de moins de sept ans.


Canoe Kayak rent is prohibited if the water level is too high.

In case of prohibition of rent due to a water lever too important, you will be (accroding to your choice) either refunded or postponed to a date that suits you.

Your renter in Vallon Pont d'Arc : Loulou Bateaux

Passage de la première Armée, 07150 Vallon Pont d’Arc.  GPS : 44°23’51.3″N 4°23’20.0″E