From Pradons to Ruoms

Distance : 6 Km

Time to paddle : about 1h30.

Recommended time : 2h30-3h00.

Meeting point : Ruoms, a half hour in advance.

Departure time : 9am, 10am, 11am, 2pm.

Difficulties : a rapid class II in the beginning, a slide channel for kayaks just before the arrival point. 

Start : Pradons.

Finish : Ruoms.

Une descente faite pour la famille
Nice descent with children

A gentle discovery of canoe/kayak

This gentle descent is perfect for families and beginners. It lets you to try kayking and to enjoy it even if this is your first experience. 

But at the same time this descent passes by some beautiful sites: the Ruoms Canyon (Defile de Ruoms) and the Cirque de Gens. 

A l'entrée du cirque de Gens
Cliffs, beach, sunshine
Carte de la descente entre Pradons et Roms

Discription :

After passing under the bridge located a hundred meters after the start and after the first rapid, you enter the cirque de Gens. This perfectly regular limestone circus is known to climbers, with its 140m high cliff and 315 climbing routes. This canyon landscape will accompany you until the arrival, because after the Gens cirque, you enter the  Ruoms Canyon (Defile de Ruoms). Everywhere you can stop on a beach for a meal, to swim, or just to enjoy the sun and nature. Just before arrival you will have to cross the Ruoms dyke using a canoe-kayak slide.

This descent is perfect for beginners and families with young children. The cliffs border the river all along the descent and give you a taste of the Gorges de l’Ardèche.

Our opinion:

This is a good choice for families and beginners. May be recommended for your first experience in kayking.

Don’t forget :

Take shoes that are good for you feet and protect them, such as sneakers or water shoes (no flip-flops).

Wear an adequate and adapted to the weather clothers: cap, windbreaker, T-short, long shorts that effectiverly protects the thighs from sunburn.

Provide sufficient quantity of drinking water.

The regulatory imperatives:

Each participant must know how to swim; each participant must wear a lifejackets at all times.

Children ( under 18 y.o.) can not participate alone, they must be accompanied by an responsible adult. 

Prohibition of rental with childen under 7 y.o. Interdiction de la location avec des enfants de moins de sept ans.


Canoe Kayak rent is prohibited if the water level is too high.

In case of prohibition of rent due to a water lever too important, you will be (accroding to your choice) either refunded or postponed to a date that suits you.

Your renter in Ruoms : Les Argonautes

 7 Allée du stade 07120 Ruoms. GPS : 44.450965426442416N  4.337410955819689E